Saturday, 8 September 2012

10 Tips To Hide a Muffin Top

We understand that you don't want to get dressed up everyday but when you do, you want to look fabulous. We also understand that dressing your new post-baby body in something flattering can be quite overwhelming so here's 10 simple tips to hide a muffin top and accentuate your postpartum body.

These days we have a range of shaping underwear to help us hide muffin top and flatten out bodily lumps and bumps. This is ideal for special occasions but they are too uncomfortable and hot for everyday wear. The alternative is to camouflage those extra bits around the tummy. 

1. Wear a camisole: 
Camisoles aren't as fitted or effective as shape-wear but they do provide a similar body hugging result with ten times the comfort.

2. Look for prints and texture:
If clothes could play war games, prints and textures are the ultimate camouflage. Not only will they hide dribble and food stains, but they also help conceal bulges.

3. Look for rouched tops:
Folds are forgiving

4. Look for garments that flow away from the waist and hips. 
A-line and Empire-line tops and dresses are fitted around the bust and flare out around the waist. They have great camouflaging capabilities.

5. Wear dresses:
Dresses are very flattering to most figures and can be dressed up or down for every occasion. Most fit-and-flares, some empire cuts, trapeze frocks and dresses with front and side ruching can work wonders to smooth out your silhouette, especially if they have embroidery, prints or beadwork.

6. Wear higher rise pants, jeans and skirts.
The ultimate way to feel girdled and comfy is to lift the waistline and wear pants/skirts that hug the muffin. 

7. Wear knitwear
Cotton, viscose and merino wool blends have a thicker texture which makes them less clingy and more flattering. 

8. Wear Woven
Woven fabrics have a certain rigidity that skims the contours of your body rather than clinging to it and highlighting the bulges.

9.Layer your clothing
In cooler weather, layer a structured jacket, cardigan or jumper over a pretty top. If you want to draw attention up to your bust, makes colourful (or textured) layers around the neckline. To draw the eye down to your hips, wear a longer top under your top layer. An open jacket or cardigan (or even a scarf tied vertically) will create a slimming lean line down the length of your body. 

10. Stand tall and be proud!
There's nothing more beautiful than a new mother. Be proud. Good posture and confidence makes any outfit look better. 

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