Friday, 26 October 2012

Back to Basics Month

We hate to remind you what time of year it is.... 

But we can help you out with some cool idea's that will help you survive the silly season. We're going to be dedicating the entire month of November to getting
Back To Basics 

It's going to be heaps cooler than it sounds! 

We're going to be talking about good nutritious food ideas for pregnant Mum's and fussy toddlers. We're also going to be sharing some homemade gift ideas as well as our favourite craft ideas for kids. 

We've got:
Homemade Fingerpaint Recipes
Handprint Santa's
Fruity Echidna Recipes
Fun Egg Recipes
Ballpoint Pen Flower Arrangements
Golfball Dogs
Healthy Lunchbox ideas

And tonnes of other info and idea's that will help you:
Reduce your spending
Entertain the kids
Create low cost gifts for the silly season
Feed fussy toddlers and
Maintain a healthy pregnancy

If you're interested in joining us...

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We hope to be seeing much more of you in the month of November. 

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