Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dogs Balls! Pink Poodles & Other Cool Pets

Pink Poodles and other cool golf ball pets
Bumpalicious Maternity Fashions is continuing Novemeber's Back To Basics theme with these adorable Pink Poodles (and other cool pets) made from golf balls.

If you're looking for cool craft ideas or homemade Christmas presents, these golf ball dogs are absolutely adorable! Nana's everywhere will love one of these ornaments from the Grandies this silly season.

Let your imagination run free for a moment. A few simple changes and your pink poodle becomes a Snoopy dog. Or the Easter Bunny. Or the Hello Kitty.

You can embellish these golf ball pets with pompoms, with charms, with cat bells, with ribbon, with wool, with anything you can imagine! You can leave a small gap between the golf balls which form the body and use your pet as a place setting or a recipe card holder. You can use them as paperweights, as ornaments or as features on your table at the next family get together.

NOTE: Children should be supervised. Or maybe that's the other way around...children should stand back and "supervise" their Mum or Dad using the hot glue gun.


  • A hot glue gun
  • 7x golf balls
  • 2x googley eyes
  • 1x golf tee (tail)
  • felt (ears)
  • 1x wooden bead (muzzle)
For the nose you can either :
  • glue a small black bead to the muzzle
  • cut out some black felt
  • use black and red felt for a mouth and nose
  • use a small black button
You may also like to consider:
  • Acrylic paints (craft paints or spray paint) 
  • Pompoms to make a poodle. Some small and medium sizes.
  • Bling! Ribbons, buttons, cat bells, polka dots, whiskers furry ears, wool...whatever you can imagine.

If you do want to paint your pet, that's your first step. Paint all of the golf balls, the golf tee (tail) and the small wooden bead (muzzle). To prevent the balls from rolling away, use  upside down bottle caps to stand them up in. 

Use the felt to cut out two ears. For identical ears, fold the felt in half before you cut. Glue three pompoms to the bottom of each ear.

Start with the base of your pet and work your way up. You may need to way for the glue to dry before starting the next tier. Make sure theres a generous smear of glue wherever the balls are touching each other.

Start with gluing four balls together for the "legs". Glue two golf balls n the second tier to form the body. And lastly, glue the head onto the body. Think about the pose of your pet before you start gluing.

Use the glue gun to glue the golf tee onto the back of the body. Glue four small pompoms around the base of the tail. Glue a medium sized pompom on the tip of the tail.

To make the muzzle, glue the small wooden bead onto the bottom of the head (remembering to leave enough room for the eyes. Use the felt, small black button or black bead to create the nose on the muzzle.

Glue the googley eyes onto the head of your pet. Glue the ears onto the head and add a larger pompom between the ears on top of the head (see photo).

Finish by adding any other embellishments. Tie a ribbon and bow around your pets neck for a collar. You might like to add whiskers to a cat. Or put some spots on your Dalmatian. Or a bell on your cat. The sky's the limit! 

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