Thursday, 1 November 2012

Flower Pen Arrangements

This November Bumpalicious Fashions is getting Back To Basics. We're dedicating a whole month to fun food idea's for pregnant Mum's and fussy toddlers, cool craft ideas for the kids, cost cutting tips for around the home, homemade gifts for Christmas and tonnes of other nifty ideas. To kick the month off, we're starting with these flower pens.

Now I don't know what happens in your home, but in mine, I'm forever buying pens. One 10pk of pens, three sons and two weeks later....WHOOSH! Vanished. They've disappeared like magic.

These flower pens are incredibly easy to craft together, incredibly easy to find stuffed down the side of the sofa cushions, nobody can pretend it's their school pen and they look amazing.

You can make individual flowers to gift out to family and friends this silly season but they look even more impressive when you make flower arrangements from them. Depending on your budget you can buy a cute mini bucket or vase from the local novelty shop or you can cover a glass jar, a tin can or whatever vase shaped containers you have lying around the home.

AGE: 8+ (Supervision required for younger children)
TIME: 15min

Silk or plastic flowers with a stem
A pack of ballpoint pens
Green floral tape
Some scissors or wire cutters
A "vase" and some dried beans to fill it with (pinto beans work well)


Step 1: Decide how high you would like the flower to stand above the end of the pen and then trim off the excess stem.

Step 2: Use the floral tape to bind the pen and stem together. Start at the top of the pen and work your way down to the nib. Overlap half of the previous loop and wind in tight circles all the way down to the nib of the pen. Trim the tape off.

Step 3: Fill the "vase" with dried beans approx 3/4's full. You may have to experiment with the amount of pinto beans in the vase - the taller the flowers, the more beans you'll need to keep the vase upright.

Step 4: For more cool craft tips and fun food ideas come and connect with us on Facebook at Bumpalicious Fashions

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