Friday, 2 November 2012

Healthy Treats - Bags of Butterflies

Bumpalicious is continuing our Back To Basics month with more healthy homemade treats. These bags of butterflies are the most affordable and most memorable treats we've come across in months! 

If you like the idea of healthy lunchbox snacks, healthy halloween treats or you don't like handing out lollibags after your child's birthday party...then you're going to love bags of butterflies! This is a fantastic food idea for fussy toddlers.

The sky really is the limit with these beauties. You can adapt them to feature on the tables of any party, or suit any theme and fill them with anything edible...not that we would ever suggest filing them with those artificially coloured, flavoured, tooth rotting, delicious, scrumptious, sweeties. No; we're far to health conscious for that.

STEP 1: Firstly, paint your pegs. With a little alteration, these clips could become dragons or bumblebee's. 

STEP 2: Take a pipe cleaner & fold it to mark the half way point. To form the antenae curl the ends outwards and make a small loop on each end. 

STEP 3: Using a strong craft glue or a glue gun attach the pipe cleaner to the smaller groove on the inside of the peg. Take care not to glue your peg shut! Use just enough glue on one side of the peg to stick the pipe cleaner.

STEP 3: Glue the googly eyes onto the front of the peg. 

STEP 4: Fill small ziplock sandwich bags with your favourite fruit or berries. Leave some room to squeeze the bag in half and peg it using your new butterfly clip!

The Sky is the limit! Think bumblebees, dragons wings and vampire bats. From healthy halloween treats to princess parties. You'll never hand out lollibags again!

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